"Edifest 2015" the Inter Schools Cultural Competitions organized by MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd and hosted by DRIS Hyderabad

"Edifest 2015" the Inter Schools Cultural Competitions organized by MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd and hosted by DRIS Hyderabad in their school campus on October 25th and 26th concluded with a great deal of enthusiasm and healthy competition.

The events were inaugurated by Shri A.K. Agarwal Director of DRIS & MDN Education Pvt Ltd. in the presence of the CEO of MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Kavita Jain, Dr. Gaurav Muradia Principal of DRIS and all other facilitators and students from various schools.

There was plethora of events conducted under each category with an objective of providing a common platform to all the students of Edify across the country. The events had participants from five schools- Edify School Tirupathi, Edify School Nagpur, Edify School Balapur, MDN Future School Sindhanur and DRIS Hyderabad.

We had around 150 students participating in 18 events under different categories in which grades 1-11 were included and about 115 prizes in all were won by students.

The events were held over a period of two days in different venues ranging from the Atrium, Amphitheatre, Hostel campus, Hobby Cellar, AV Hall & Canteen. A varied range of events including Classical Dance (Solo & group), Group Song (Patriotic & western), Instrumental (Solo & Duet), Western Dance (Group), One Act Play, Rangoli making, Little Chef, Card Making, Collage Making & Painting.

The campus reverberated with the keen spirit of competition among the students for all events which reiterated the emphasis on the all-encompassing curricular program of Edify, the holistic development of a child. The competitions highlighted the effort taken by each school which was evident in the quality of presentations and participation of students ranging from grade I to grade 11. The final outcome was spectacular and a visual treat for the eyes.

The event concluded on 26th October with the much awaited prize distribution ceremony and the grand awards which went to the following schools:

  • Champion School of Edifest- MDN Future School Sindhanur
  • Most Disciplined School- Edify School Nagpur
  • Most Participating School- Edify School DRS International School
  • Most Cheering School- Edify School Tirupathi

The prizes were distributed by the Faculty of DRIS & the staff of MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd. Amidst a lot of cheering and applause for all the prize winners by the participants of all schools. This clearly exhibited the true spirit of the Fest to encourage amongst students a competitive spirit and healthy participation and an opportunity to explore and unleash their latent talents. The aim of this Inter-School event to provide a forum for the young talent from all schools to express their creativity and originality and demonstrate their inherent talents and diverse faculties was truly fulfilled.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the directors, Management, the Principals and all the students from the participating schools for showcasing their talents to make this event a stupendous success.